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Rebecca Blaze

Episode: Rough and Tumble

Rebecca is from North Dakota and stands 5’1 weighing in at 106 pounds. This is a true petite vixen. In this video her step dad spanks her for being bad. But what he doesn’t know is that spanking is one of her biggest turn ons. So this punishment ends in a hot passionate sex encounter. When he tries to punish her with his huge cock and some rough sex into her tight pussy she changes her biggest turn on to huge cocks. In the end he made a slut out of his step daughter. You have to watch this to believe it.

Sara Luvv

Episode: Just Turned Legal
After her birthday Sara decided that she wanted to be the true slut she is and have sex with anyone and everyone. The goal trying out everything. Every position and style imaginable. Can’t fault a girl for exploring? She even found an audition to try out. This was a porn audition and she nails the interview of course and heads right into a stellar performance. The good news is it was all captured on Petite 18. So head over there to watch the audition and her first XXX video performance which is supper hot. This girl is a natural.

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Trinity St. Clair

Episode: Step-Sibs

Here she is with her Stepbrother.  She was trying to console him after his recent break up with his girlfriend.  Doesn’t everyone wish they had a step sister like Trinity?

Sunny Marie

Episode: Fuck Me Step Daddy

Here is Sunny with her Step Father.  Guess he doesn’t mind cheating on his wife.

Armana Miller

Sally Squirtz

Marsha May

Episode: Impaled By Step Bro

Here she is with James. And what a great time she has with him. Do blondes have more fun? When we watched this video we made up our mind with an over riding yes. Why haven’t we been dating more blondes all these years? Probably because we haven’t meet any girls like Marsha. Damn shame we don’t have any step sisters. We wanted to show off her camel toe and we found this great picture of her doing a little double click action to her vagina before she takes James cock in there.  Lube it up girl.  we love your style.  Click Here To Watch Impaled By Step Bro!

Rikki Rumor

Episode: Stretched to the Max

The title implies this small bodied teen with a very tight pussy can’t take it when Max gives her his huge cock. But this guys name is Flynt and he isn’t particularly huge. Still we are big fans of Rikki. So kill us we like cute blonde barely legal porn. In this photo she is riding him doing an almost reverse cow girl. How do these young girls know so many positions? Maybe it’s Flynt favorite. One this we like is that it positions her to face the camera and gives us a great view. The truth is all porn should be filmed his way. Guy on bottom for sure. But why would we want to look at her back? So thanks Rikki for facing the camera and sharing with us.

Michelle Martinez

Episode: Lil Sis Is My Fuck Toy

One common theme you will notice in Petite 18 is the family teen thing. The actors are playing as if they are step brothers or the pornstar is having taboo sex with a step dad. Not real actual incest but it’s an interesting concept. A lot of other sites have popped up with the same concept it’s what is in right now. Like anything else continually pushing the limits is good marketing. The thing that we have here is quality. Great thin skinny babes and really good quality porn. Really when it comes down to enjoying some adult entertainment those are the most important things. The most important thing is that all the girls are hot. And more than one pornstar has filmed her first video for this site. Which is just another reason why we love it.

Nora Doll

Episode: Teen and Horny

Here is Nora and Brian. She is pretty happy with him because he has a rock hard cock. Even with her tight teen pussy she loves every inch of it because while it’s thick the tip is smaller than the shaft which allows it to fit just right. The other thing she loves is that he loves to lick her pussy. He says it’s the sweetest he has ever tried just like French Vanilla ice cream. One thing she notices is that when Brian in around her tiny little pink nipples become instantly erect. Don’t worry we will try to find a video of it and post it here.